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    Curiosity is out. IOS and Android only.

    So far we have a 3D rendered cube, whose texture is updated from the server every couple of seconds. If you click on it, the view zooms in and you can click on cubes, which disappear to show the layer below.

    Every cube is worth one coin. Clearing your screen of cubes gives bonus coins, and tapping fast give increasingly multiplier bonus per cube tapped, my best run is ~9000 coins. With coins you can buy bombs and fireworks to clear bigger areas, or better pickaxes I'm not sure what for.

    So far layer 0 is black, layer 1 is some kind of grapeish balloons, and around 70 billion cubillets maximum

    Quote Originally Posted by reddit
    From the article: 100,000,000 cubelets on the surface.
    Number of cubelets on the surface of a cube with height N:
    2N2 + 4(N-2)(N-1) = 6N2 - 12N + 8
    Solve 6N2 - 12N + 8 ==100,000,000 for N -> N = 4083.48 (well, the 100,000,000 seems to be rounded somewhat ?!)
    Total volume is N3 = 68,091,248,689 (rounded to whole number).
    Edit: Using better numbers (from the same article):
    Number of Surface cubelets: 100614262 -> height=4096.0022 (yeah, still wrong?!) -> total cubelets=68,719,476,736
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