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    Free Copy of XCOM (or Frozen Synapse (this is totally not spam (it's a competition))

    Dear readership of RPS,

    In order to lure more unsuspecting subscribers into the deathtrap which is my channel, I am holding a competition.

    In short, two people who come up with awesome taglines for XCOM: Enemy Unknown will receive a digital copy of aforementioned XCOM or Frozen Synapse (two winners, one game for each).

    This video explains the details: (I don't like embedding and all that diabolical stuff).

    If you already have the above games, you could get it for a friend or for your grandmother or that weird uncle that nobody likes but he's still family so what you gonna do.

    Thank you!

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    I think you're looking for this subforum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LTK View Post
    I think you're looking for this subforum.
    Hmm, you seem to be right. Is there a way I could move this over there or delete it so I could start anew?

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