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    RELOCK - Kickstarter needs support ASAP! Free demo out!

    + Multiplayer
    + FPS
    + Can almost guarantee you have never had a multiplayer experience like it.

    In a nutshell:
    the game is about manipulating a firearm in the most realistic way as possible in a multiplayer environment with some really crazy customisation.


    Relock throws you straight into the deep end. There is documentation available for beginners but using the firearm is completely up to you - No hand holding.

    Weapon manipulation is done by using the keyboard to its full extent; pressing 'R' does not reload by itself anymore. In the demo you need to hold down 'R' and tap 'E' to eject the magazine; once the magazine is out you can release the 'R' key.
    Then tap 'T' to re-insert the magazine. Finally tap 'Q' to release the slide forward if it is locked back.

    This sounds very complicated but after 10-15 mins of gameplay you get the hang of it. Weapon manipulation isn't limited to reloading; the demo has some features taken out.

    You can probably guess that multiplayer will be very interesting with these controls. In closed testing we have had some amazing games.

    It is inspired by Magicka, Skate, Arma, CSS and an indie game reciever but it commonly gets referred to as reciever with multiplayer :s this is not intentional - Relock isn't meant to physically represent any games it was inspired by. Similarities are because the main game mechanic are the same and that there are no hands; please do not let this distract from what the game is trying to become.

    Next week a closed multiplayer test build of the game is going up for all who pledge, this demo features hands and character models.

    It's in Alpha so the demo has many bugs.

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