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    Sir! You Are Being Hunted!

    Survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world!

    • Procedural tools to generate, save, and explore your own landscapes.
    • Open-ended gameplay: choose how you want to play. Complete the game non-lethally, or use whatever you can find to bring down the tweedbot menace.
    • A Thief-style visibility-meter combined with our own foliage-based stealth system.
    • Unique generative soundtrack.
    • A disembodied sinister butler!
    • Pubs!
    • No DRM!
    • Varied loot including weapons, traps, booze, marmalade, tea, something that may or may not be bacon, and a dead rabbit.
    • Fires to cook that rabbit on. (And other things besides!)
    • Mac, Windows and Linux versions.
    • Strange lore and pipe-smoking moustache-wearing mechanical locals.

    Big Robot
    Kickstarter here.

    FUCK YEAH, Multiplayer unlocked!


    45,000 - The Landowner UNLOCKED

    At this amount we'll be expanding our NPC roster with “The Landowner.” This chap is an aberrant mechanical ultra-toff. He's a leader among hunters, and the nightmare gaze of his glowing monocle means near-certain death, and at the very least lots of peril. With The Landowner in play, the player is truly in trouble – his tracking skills and his riflemanship are peerless. Fear him.

    50,000 - Hunting! UNLOCKED

    This stretch goal will allow us to include additional wildlife-slaying functionality. You will be able to hunt pheasants and rabbits and then cook them for sustenance. This will provide a complementary mode of survival for players aside from scavenging, as well as furnishing the world of Sir with more life. (And death.)

    55,000 - The Castle biome. UNLOCKED

    A completely new island type on which a ruined castle is procedurally generated across the entire island. This will provide the game with both a radically different terrain, and an atmospheric arena in which to be systematically hunted down and shot. (We're really excited about this one – more proc-gen makes Tom happy.)

    60,000 - Hot Air Balloon Spotter Patrols UNLOCKED

    This will probably take a little bit of explaining. Basically, the robots will man a hot air balloon which will make passes over the islands. From there they'll be able to direct hunters on the ground, and take pot-shots at you if and when they spot you. This adds some verticality to think about, especially as balloons are silent most of the time. Keep your eyes on the skies! These balloon patrols might be slow moving, but they will provide platforms for the hunters to snipe and spot you over a large area at any one time, and as such should provide serious jeopardy.

    70,000 - The Riders UNLOCKED

    Our most ambitious NPCs will take on the form of a classic British fox hunt, one of the favoured bloodsports of the rich and landed. These red-coated rider robots will be the most merciless - and the fastest - hunters in the archipelago. Once they have you sighted, well, run, Fox, run. We're asking a bit more for this thanks to the additional complexity of riding characters, and we're certain they'll make the most exciting addition to our NPC arsenal.

    80,000 - Multiplayer UNLOCKED

    It goes without saying that multiplayer is an extremely complex undertaking in its own right, and because the focus of Sir is on a single-player game, we are not going to promise multiplayer on release. We are a tiny team, and must hit one objective at time. What we will do, however, is provide a multiplayer component to all backers when this goal is unlocked, soon after the initial release of the game.

    We've had plans for multiplayer for a long time, and we agree with those of you who have suggested that some manner of multiplayer suits the nature of the game. Currently we're planning a 4-player game, where the players can compete or co-operate with each other as they are hunted by the robots. Only one player can get off the island, and so winning will require getting others to sacrifice themselves, or you to sacrifice others. The choice, we hope, will be one that drives the game.
    I must admit, I had my doubts that an extra 10k were enough for MP, so I got on the twitterbox and said so, this is what Jim replied:

    Jim- You are assuming we're not spending our own money as well as KS - how do you think we made a prototype?
    Tom- You are correct, I can only assume; but it sounded like MP was never high priority, ie. entirely on the backburner until funds are confirmed.
    Jim- No, we've always anticipated it.
    Thank you Jim, for taking the time to answer my incessant tweeting.

    PS: I know RPS is gonna pub the fuck out of this game, but its still awesome and deserves its place in this forum.
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