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    Media Center is not included with Windows 8

    That's right. Probably the only well-made multimedia software application developed by Microsoft will not be included as a built-in application in Windows 8. More significantly, Media Center is better than Apple's own Front Row app, for once Microsoft one-ups Apple on something.
    In any case, Media Center will hence forth be available for $69.99 for Windows 8 users. However: Good News Everyone! Microsoft is willing to give it to you FOR FREE if you buy W8 before January! How generous.

    Rathe rthan have Windows 8 be HTPC ready out of the box like Windows 7 and Vista were, you have now lost this great value-add feature.

    In any case, here's what you W8 users will eventually be paying that we W7 users were getting for free these past few years:

    Great extensibility with plugins like Media Browser.

    Why is this cool? Here's why:

    Scans your rip folders and retrieves artwork and detailed data on all your rips from several online sources

    How detailed is this data? Check it out

    Synopsis + background slideshow

    actor profiles

    selecting one of the profiles gives you ....
    to be continued...
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