I'm sorry for disappearing so abruptly from the banter, been kinda busy at work and of course you don't get to see much of what is going on on the board anymore once you're dead. It's one of those things I would change about SI if I could - make it possible for eliminated players to still see the general messages in the ministerium.

Congrats on getting rid of me Fzaul. Incidentally, more than anything else the event that made everyone discard their event cards was what killed me in the end. I see the Beast is gone, so I don't think there's much harm in telling you that I was holding on to the 'The Beast is Loose!' event. :-)

I spent too much time and lost too much tangling with Helio in the early game. By the time I was eliminated I had 5 order slots and a good stash of items, but I never really got to use any if them. Ah well, another lesson in humility learned.

What's going on excatly right now? I can kind of make out the general gist from your comments here, but I can only see the world map and nothing else so...a little clarification for each turn would be nice. Sounds like quite the endgame.