Personal GOTY? Probably Little Big Adventure 2 and Psychonauts! Just like every year.

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No love for Orcs Must Die 2? IMO really good.
I played the first one to death, the second... not so much. I don't know why, it just couldn't keep me entertained for longer than 25h. The coop matchmaking was absolutely horrible and still isn't fixed. Plus countless DLC packs have torn the community apart, so nowadays there is hardly anyone to play the odd game with, because I only own the basic game.

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Single player
First place: Dishonored.
Second place: Dark Souls.

First place: Natural selection 2. By a million trillion gillion miles. Best Multiplayer game in about 5 years.
Second place: CS:GO.
Agreed on your firsts! Dishonoreds leveldesign is stellar! And I like the storytelling and characters too (few will agree with me, i know). Natural Selection 2 just drains all of my gaming time (and time actually not commited to gaming, sigh) atm! Never experienced such smooth and deep teamplay in a game before (maybe C&C Renegade, back in the day). And skulking clueless marines is the best thing ever.

Haven't played Dark Souls or CS.