So I'm a big fan of the Assassin's Creed games, and have had an unexpectedly free weekend turn up. So, thinks I on Thursday, I'll buy it for one of my console-toys and play it there. First thing is choosing 360 or PS3 - I prefer the former and played all the previous ones with a 360 pad, but I can't play online on 360 and PS3 has extra missions, but apparently they suck.

Turns out not to matter though: if I order on Amazon I can choose to have it arrive on Monday, or pay extra and get it early, but then I'd need to be in to sign for it on Friday, which I'm not. But surely this isn't a problem is it? Can't I just pay the publisher 40 (oh yeah, it's 10 more than on PC) directly and just download it? No. It's not on games on demand on either platform. Apparently won't be for a few months after release.

Still, there's a final option isn't there? Just go into town after work and buy the damn thing. GAME only have the Special Edition on display, which is 47.99 with an extra mission. Now, I imagine they have the regular version in the back, apparently that's 40. I could ask. But fuck 'em. That's really shitty, hiding the cheap version to trick un-suspecting folk into buying the SE as it's the cheapest. And it's made worse by the 60+ SE also being on the shelves with all the physical goodies.

Over to HMV, but they want to charge 43.99 for the regular edition, and at this point I'm fucked off enough I'm not paying an extra 4.

So no AC3 for me. What I should have done is just gone to Sainsbury's on the way home. But sod it, waiting for the PC version it is. Let's play Mark the Ninja and Sleeping Dogs this weekend instead.