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Big fan of the PC focus, especially the extensive coverage of indie games that I never really hear of elsewhere.
On the other hand I feel like it's becoming a bit overbearing. Sometimes some of the articles come off as "An indie game dev just said something, quick, report on it!" - some of them simply aren't news or even particularly interesting, and it seems like that is reflected in the comments, where there's either very few of them or they're less about the game and more about tangents.

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Of more concern than the console content is the sociological shift from 'this game is interesting go play it, gaming is good' and 'this game from the past was important to me' which I feel is converting into 'here is a preview/image of a game you can't play' and 'details on faltering mmo' s free to play.
Fair point, but they are topics worth mentioning. I'd classify them as being news, and RPS posts about news as well as reviews.