Awright troops?

I know there are lots of other places to get consumer broadband advice from, but the amount of noise on the web is deafening - especially to an old, lazy man like me.

Tonight, my long-standing and increasingly-loathed ISP, Tiscali/Talk Talk has finally broken my spirit. Do any of you nice people have a recommendation for me to switch to? I live near the centre of Glasgow, I want good speed, I already have a BT phone line and am not currently under contract to anyone.

I'm aware that 'unlimited' downloads are usually a myth, but I want an honest supplier who'll give me as much fast access as possible. I'm currently paying Talk Talk fifteen quid for net access alone and about thirty pounds per month for a BT phone.

Anybody got any suggestions? I'm instinctively loath to give any money whatsoever to Rupert Murdoch and I'd rather not give up my BT line, since it works and would be very expensive to re-connect. I think I'm looking for an old-school ISP who doesn't try to sell me movies or phones or web portals, but I stand to be corrected.

Thank you in advance.