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    Looking for US EST PS2 outfit. Also, more acronyms.

    Hey All:

    I'd love to join fellow RPSers in their PS2 outfit, but alas, I am an American, and I fear the timezone differential (plus the server location) might make for some awkward spacemanshooting.

    Can anyone recommend a friendly outfit that will be playing PS2 on NA servers, and on the east coast? I'd prefer an outfit that is casual and mature, but will make the effort to communicate and organize (tactically is fine, but strategically is a bonus) whenever they're playing together. Oh, I'd like to play Vanu.

    A bit about me: I'm in my late 20s, and I work in hospitality, so my hours can be erratic. I twitch game fairly well, and I'm a good listener when it comes to organizing. I prefer to play support roles [medic or engineer], and I'll need some training on the nuances of PS2. Voices coms and beer are a go.


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    I imagine we'll be a mix of west and east coasters and run at different times for both. And I'm gonna see if we can do Vanu. Keep an eye on that thread as release nears and servers are announced (American servers are all in the same location, so ping shouldn't matter between "west" and "east").

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