Hey chaps, got an urge recently to play a flight sim and I realised I don't really know what's supposed to be good and what's not. Preferably it'd be a WW2 game rather than something newer as I prefer the closer contact stuff. Anyway as far as I know the ones to consider are:

IL-2 1946 - quite old now, but I heard there are some decent mods that newify it a lot.
IL-2 Birds of Prey - a more arcadey game?
Cliffs of Dover - I heard this was an absolute mess on release but have heard positive things since.
B-17 - Old but I remember this being pretty great
Wings of Prey - really not sure what this one is like
Rise of Flight - WW1 game but I heard the damage model is pretty great.

So yeah, anything that you guys could recommend would be great, along with any thoughts on some of those games.