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    Everquest: Landmark gimmick or revolution ?

    Hi guys,

    Moding tools are quite trendy these days. We got Steam Workshop, lots of indies or even bigger companies give us tools to generate new content or assets, Neverwinter and Shadowrun gives us the opportunity to tell our own stories... You see my point.

    In that regard, how do you guys feel about the Landmark project for Everquest Next?

    Seeing how minecraft is so wildly popular I think it's a very smart move to appeal to gamers creativity, time and resourcefulness; They can expand the scope of their world by building it cooperatively.

    I also feel that the best projects should also be properly rewarded, because the dedication modders put into their work is astonishing and not giving them proper credits would be borderline abusive. In the end their going to make money out of some else work. Players will pay for them... but how much is going to end in the creator's pocket is still unknown.

    EDIT: If you don't know what I am talking about, here is the RPS article about it.
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    A clever way to make players design the gameworld for you.

    Of course most people don't know shit about deign so we'll have to see how useful that will be

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    I would hesitate to call it either. Most likely because 'revolution' is such an overly used and often misused word. If anything I think this is a sign of things to come, and in a good way. By providing tools such as EQN Landmark the creators of the game lessen their own workload (smart!) because the community will be there to create content instead. This is something we should desire if the community is wide and large enough, for the reason that there's most likely to be much more creativity to be found in game content created by a large community than a strict handful of people on a development team. Look at Dota 2.

    To me this is a fine solution to the problem of paygating, interspersed DLC/expansion releases and keeping an active community connected with a game. Just look at how well the Dota 2 workshop and store are doing. It's plain ridiculous how much money Valve is making from this, as well as the talented creators themselves whose designs get upvoted by the community as a whole. I think I remember one of the more prominent creators making upward of $3k a month just on item sales next to his/her own job.

    I am a lot more comfortable parting with money for game content if I know a massive share of that is going to the person that created it. It's morally satisfying to buy an item or object that you would like to use/wear and know that the direct creator of it will be rewarded. Pitting this against money going to The Developer, we don't know how much each middle man involved is getting. However, I don't think it's weird or unjust for the developers of the game to catch a share (I'd say the 10-15% commission range isn't bad) because they have provided the platform and tools for everyone's enjoyment and use after all. Folks that complain about developer commission strike me as the sort that fabricate a handy excuse to not buy items they secretly would like to buy, but in fact don't want to shell out the money for.

    I think these ideas of creating communities for commons based production and virtual economies are the way to go for sure.
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