From the limited info i have from the outside, it seems like a totally media generated storm in a teacup. Yet we're getting resignations and people saying "the bbc must change or die".

Am i wrong in thinking that basically what's happened is that some bad stuff went down 30 years ago, a newsnight editor decided not to run a story mildly connected to that, and now a guy who told newsnight that he was abused by a guy (that they didn't name) has said that he had the wrong guy. Is that all?

To be saying that a world respected media outlet that's been making overall pretty great news reporting and investigative journalism (not to mention drama, comedy, etc..) for decades must change or die because of 2 vaguely (and i'm not even sure they were) bad reporting decisions on newsnight seems bizarre. To have people who just started working there resignig over them is even more bizarre.

Is it just a case of the usual media fishbowl and everybody piling on? Or did i miss the part where the modern BBC did something bad?