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    The problem is that 'society' is being led by people with the moral fibre, ethics, honesty and independance of dogshit - the press, reality TV, gossip magazines, the opinions of self-seeking maniacs on Twitter and Facebook etc. etc.

    These people are casting their views out as-if they were unshakeable truth to promote their own twisted view of the world and it's far, far too easy for them to get away with it.

    It has become utterly unacceptable to disagree with these people - even if you have evidence piled a mile-high to dismantle their argument, you're seen as 'bullying' for pointing out that people are wrong - you're seen a 'elitist' if you win with intelligence alone.

    That it's so easy to threaten people with legal action and bar people for 'holding unpopular views' - it's like the entire world has become Stuart Lee and it's staring at us with that utter smugness of being so high on the PC chart there is nowhere left to climb...

    Whilst we should be making progress against hunger and disease, we're only finding new ways of sueing each-other - it's almost surreal.
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    It's probably worth saying, at this point, that the BBC is seen by many people as being biased/outdated/monolithic or just plain dangerous for business. The views of any of these people will seem 'insane' when it comes to BBC related issues.

    There's a widespread belief that the BBC is anti-Israeli/anti-semitic - many people believe it's coverage of the middle east is enormously skewed towards the Palestinian cause in particular.

    There's a similarly widespread belief that the BBC is "run by and for the Jews" and that it's coverage is skewed in the other direction

    Those 2 are really quite amusing but for everyone who holds one view - there's someone with the other.

    Most other media barons hate the BBC because they have to earn money the hard way *by making up news stories, tapping phones and other illegal behaviour" wheras the BBC gets money handed to it (from the licence fee) - Murdoch has attacked this many times, saying it's "unfair" that the BBC can operate without some rich guiding hand telling it exactly what to say - his hand, ideally...

    Many people resent the licence fee they have to pay. For people outside the UK, all UK homes with a 'TV receiver' have to pay a fee which mostly - but not entirely - goes to the BBC. It's a bit over 200 a year IIRC? This is the foundation of the BBC - a public service broadcaster almost unique on earth - that it can produce amazing programmes without a tonne of ads and product placement - but people resent it because they're venal/greedy/stupid/happy reading The Sun.

    Thus getting an unbiased/unskewed version of ANYTHING related to the BBC is impossible. That Jimmy Saville worked for them for so long drags them into his slimy tale - but Saville worked for many other companies (including our local radio station - Metro) and I don't see them all being dragged into the tale!?!?

    So beware anything you read because there's a lot of hate out there...

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    It's a storm in a teacup; a mountain made out of a molehill. I'm sure it will just blow over with minimal change. MPs (hohoho), among others (other media outlets; O joy!) will suggest there should be changes. Some may be enacted. Most of these changes will just be rehashes of things that have already been implemented for years. I mean, who seriously believes the BBC didn't have strict child protection policies before this whole mess in this day and age?! As for the journalism issues; they were by the sound of it mainly individual mistakes, not guideline issues. Finally, all this about "the culture of/at the BBC needs to change" makes me just think lots of people don;t actually know what culture is.

    That's what I hope at least. If there are serious and major changes to the BBC, I might actually go out and protest for a change; maybe leave a few duckhouses outside some MPs' doorsteps. Most of the rest of the TV available here is rubbish; some of Channel 4 is good (partly licence fee funded) and of course Dave, plus maybe Challenge TV (who doesn't like Takeshi's Castle?!). If the BBC goes down the drain, then I might actually stop watching TV altogether.

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