I have not had a console for the past two generations, gaming on my PC only. Short of wants for xmas gifts this year I'm considering a PS3 or XBox 360. I thought I would ask here for PC gamer opinions as I'm really looking for what platform has the most console exclusive titles (by this I mean not available on PC).

I realize that many big releases are cross-console, but I'm not so interested in them anyway. I'm not interested in playing FPS or multiplayer games either on the console...I prefer PC for these. I'm more interested in indies and smaller titles (I believe at least Xbox 360 has a digital store similar to Steam?)

The types of titles I envision myself playing are those that I could quickly pick up and have some simple fun with, so things like shoot em ups, fighting games, platformers etc. that are exclusive to the console. So for console-exclusive titles and indie type stuff, is PS3 or Xbox 360 better? or is there little difference?

Also, please don't kick me out cause I'm asking about consoles!