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Hey I have popcorn in my sofa, too!

edit: just for reference I run finicky's listed games (mostly high settings, a few medium) at about 40 FPS on a phenom II x4 paired with an HD6950. Total price of those two things was about $250 US. Probably less now. I don't think anything from Intel/Nvidia will compare without spending almost twice as much.

And Catalyst drivers have been flawless for years now. At least in the hundreds of games I play.
Pentium G860 (~$75) and Geforce GTX 560 Ti (~$170) should get close. You must have gotten a pretty good deal on the 6950 though.

Still, I agree that AMD have been doing well on the graphics front lately, for the most part. It took too long for the HD 7000 series drivers to take full advantage of the hardware. But with the price cuts and free games, AMD graphics cards are pretty compelling right now.