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Saying that you need a mid-high range system or you might as well get a console is a statement about what PC gaming is, and it's a very silly one. Many of the PC exclusive games that have attracted a lot of attention in the last couple of years require significantly less powerful systems than a console.
And yet games like Crysis certainly have. Look at the excitement over a new HD texture pack for Skyrim, or people hoping for better graphics on the next AAA title. I know RPS tends to lean towards indies being the saviors of gaming (because apparently it needs saving) but to suggest that higher end hardware is irrelevant to PC gaming today is ridiculous, even if the hardware treadmill definitely slowed down after about 2007 or so.

EDIT: As for the subject of elitism - there's no elitism in my post. Elitism is most definitely in force on RPS though, when people post about console peasants playing with their tinker-toy Call of Duty 105 instead of sophisticated digital artistic entertainments like Dear Esther.