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    Mission feedback request: Red Snow

    Red Snow finally got played officially, after having been played unofficially three or so times in various incarnations. I'd like to get general input on whatever comes to mind for you. What was good, what was bad, any bugs... Tell me everything.
    I'd also like to get feedback specifically on:
    • Insertion. Did you have any technical or practical issues with the teleport+HALO insertion? Would you prefer it be changed in some way?
    • Framerate. Any issues, other than the usual issues of the mission being on Chernarus and in a built-up area?
    • Briefing. Were the objectives and situation clear enough? Did any misunderstandings happen?
    • Bugs. Did you encounter any? If yes, give as much detail on the circumstances and occurrence as possible.
    • Challenge. Was the amount of opposition light, challenging, too much, or something else? What was too easy, what was too hard?
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Bravo 3 AR.

    Since I died within a few minutes of the match starting, I unfortunately cannot offer much feedback.

    Bravo conducted a HALO jump onto a large compound half a kilometre south of where command though the area of operations would be.
    In reality it was occupied enemy forces, including some on the roofs who may have been responsible for a couple of people dying before their feet even touched the ground.
    It was also difficult at times to distinguish between the enemy's uniforms and our own when using NVGs, and some of Bravo's losses at the beginning may have been due to friendly fire.
    I was shot dead at close range while attempting to drag my unconscious ftl to safety.

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    HALO jump went fine, for the most part.
    For me the mission played out nicely, and silenced weapons made it easy also :D (so maybe a harder version with non-sd weapons later? :D)
    But there were a lot of FF incidents, so maybe you could change the spetsnatz guys to something different or give all of us berets like the FTL's had, at least then we wouldn't get shot in the back by a VSS.

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    I was the Alpha 2 Marksman

    The halo insertion worked fine for me, not counting a moment when it put me on the ground, then teleported me again up into the sky. One of our team mates had his chute open just after jumping, whether this was user error or glitch I'm not sure. But it did seem to delay the mission a good few minutes while everyone waited for the HAHO people to land and group up. While I love the idea of the halo insertion, the probability of errors messing up the mission seems great.

    My VSS seemed to be zero'd for like 1000 meters or something, because at 200 to 300 I had to aim super low. The time spent walking rounds in, combined with only getting 6 20 round mags, meant I was out of ammo a few minutes into the town. I'm not sure a marksman in each team is really necessarily as there where no targets far enough away that we still wanted to engage to require it.

    A lot of the FF incidents I think where caused by miscommunication more than anything else. Reports of enemies down the street behind buildings, then two guys walk out of an ally down the street and get shot. More identifiable models would help. Perhaps if everyone had balaclavas. It didn't help when suddenly there where friendly AI running around that we had no warning of(at least I don't recall seeing anything in the briefing) opening fire with unsuppressed AKs when we were all thinking all friendlies had suppressed weapons.. I shot a couple of them before realizing they weren't shooting back.

    The enemy seemed a bit light, though they where in good positions, because we where taking fire often while having no idea where it was coming from. When we first found the AA position, there where a few guys standing around by the cargo containers that where taken out quickly, then the AA itself turned and started firing on us. Wasn't expecting that.

    When we finally got to the vehicle depot we got fucked up by the zu, then one of the other friendly squads drove in with a technical, lots of FF incidents there. Shortly after the technical gunner opened fire and I died so I can only assume it was him who shot me.

    Overall, good missions, I really like the urban ones. Just needs the kinks worked out

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    fun w/glitches?

    I was Charlie 2 AR.

    The halo insertion was a nice way to start the mission. Unfortunately we ended up with an FTL 2k above us since he launched his chute. *claps* Just don't click on anything in air, people!
    We then went to an equipment-drop location, where we noticed some enemies hanging around acting naughty. We walked practically on top of them and they didn't notice us. Actually, they didn't move at all until we started firing upon them. Due to our proximity to them that seems odd.

    Other than that the pre-dawn setting was a nice touch. It makes speed a necessity since the nvg's and silenced weapons only provide tactical superiority for a very short time.

    A mission i'd really like to try again.

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