This mission was tested following today's Tactical Tuesday session, and has been tested once before as well.

For those who have now played it, what were your thoughts?

Was it fun? What were the good points and what could be improved?
Was the mission briefing clear but concise enough? Were there any misunderstandings?
Did the defenders (Independent) have enough time to prepare?
Did anybody encounter any bugs or framerate issues?
How did people feel about the gear setup?
How was the balance between the two sides? How much of a numerical advantage should the attackers (Blufor) be given?
Do you think there will be any additional issues when the mission is played with a full TT/Folk roster? Is it ready to enter TT/Folk rotation?

Any feedback, criticisms or recommendations are welcome.

Changes I am thinking of making for the next version:
(Possibly) reducing the level of light further.
Placing starting markers visible to Indy for the flare directions and colours.
Giving the mission host the option of locking the Blufor Little Birds.
Adding an explosives action to the detonator for the enter-able tower, so that Indy cannot just hold up in it and kill anyone who peeks through the doorway (not that that has been an issue yet).