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    Rock, Paper, Spreadsheet (FM13 Online Play)

    What is it:

    Football Manager 2013 now uses steam for it's online service. This makes online games considerably easier to run.

    How would it work:

    The game would be set to run on a certain days of the week, or even only one. It's very flexible. During this time, players can enter the game and manage their club as normal, except against human adversaries. Attendance would be completely optional. Any time you do not attend your assistant will manage in your place.

    The game would run at a fast rate and likely be on the classic mode, so excessive micromanagement will not feature.

    If you are interested, please comment on the thread.

    What about Versus mode?

    If there's enough interest, Versus mode - where teams enter simple tournaments and mini-leagues either using existing teams or their own from the future - would be a great alternative. The interest required to run successful games however seems to be lacking.

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