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    New Call Of Duty Rumor

    So less than one week after launch of the latest Call of Duty, there has been rumor of new Call of Duty in development...... and scheduled for launch within next year! Now we are in the second last month of this year!!

    Given Activision's track record, it wont leak info of a new COD if it cannot be launched within a year. This franchise has become so hot that it doesn't need more than a year to hype up for a new installment.

    And you can imagine the damage it can do to the sale of Black Ops 2, so Activision naturally denied it:

    I think this implicates that Activision realized COD has reached its limit of potential. They not gonna wait. Unless they can revolutionize it so it wont be just a hi-res version of Counter-Strike as all previous installments be.
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