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    Why do my bookmark folders close?

    First of all i'm using Google Chrome.

    Now my problem is simple, but i can't find any solution to it. I keep many folders for bookmarks. now anytime i move a bookmark from one folder to another, or simply delete a bookmark....everything closes. It's so irritating and i cannot find a way to make it stop. i've googled, or tried googling, to try and find an answer but no luck.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    p.s. sorry if this isn't in the right place but i wasn't sure where to put this thread.
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    Use the Bookmarks Manager - Menu/Spanner/thingy->Bookmarks/Bookmark Manager

    The way bookmark dragging and changing works is pants tho, I agree...

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    well it's definitely easier just moving bookmarks around using the bookmarks manager, i just wish they had some setting where i could do all that from the browser and not have to use that. oh well.

    if anyone has had this problem and thought of a fix, let me know plz
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