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    F1 Race Stars experiences anyone?

    Saw this game on steam and it seems like fun. Mario Kart with official F1 cars/drivers. However,the price seems a bit steep (actually, it seems outrageous); 35 euro!

    So anyone on the forums who dared the shot in the dark and bought it? If so, what are your ideas about it? Too bad it got no review on rps!

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    Not only is it 27/€35 but the day one DLC for a few extra tracks is 3.69...

    Looks like a bit of fun, at 5.99 all in I might have bought it.

    I'm sure F1 are getting 99% of the money for the license.

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    I tried the demo which while fun, just reinforced they've chosen the wrong price point. The "licence" doesn't mean anything more than using the drivers names from what I can see, unless they've also used the track names (which would bear little resemblance to the real tracks - so rather pointless). It really needs to be in the $10-$20 price range to have a chance of people taking a punt on it. As it stands, I'll be waiting for a minimum 75% off sale - which of course assumes that the F1 licence terms don't mean it disappears from sale in 12 months.

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    Didn't realize there was a demo, i'll check it out i guess. And F1 is expensive a lot. I remember when i wanted to buy the F1 app (live timing etc), but then found out it costs like 30 euro... For an app that you will use roughly once per 2 weeks...

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    Its seems to be a fun game, but a small game. Tut the price point is just wrong. Maybe for ~15 euros, but not for that. Waiting for the next steam sale.

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