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    Splinter Cell:Double Agent SHADOWS NO MORE!

    Did anyone managed to fix those god damn shadows in Double Agent,i can't play because of this problem,there is no feeling where can i hide or not,its totally killing the game.

    I tried all these fixes and nothing,my game is also patched up to 1.2

    So, setting these values to 0 is ideal. But if you make these changes and reload the game – nothing happens. Huh? This is where everyone gave up. Hell, even I almost gave up. But as a joke to myself, I threw the game into the debugger and noticed some values drove whether or not the shadow degree settings were used. SimpleShader and SimpleEffect.By default, these values are set to True. Setting the game’s graphics configuration to “next generation” keeps these values at True. You want these values to read False. Setting these values to False tells the game, hey, let’s go ahead and show some advanced stuff on the screen.
    Magic. You have lights and shadows now.

    For comparasion see this pic i took and the one from xbox360 version.


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