I've been pondering getting a new monitor for a while - this 19" Samsung is 5-years-old and shows really obvious 'banding' from the backlight but it's done it's job well I reckon.

Consensus opinion is (surprise surprise) to 'go big' - and a 23" IPS seems to fit that - and my budget - nicely.

Here's a thing tho, whilst testing my PC recently I ended-up running Torchlight 2 in a window, instead of at full-screen. What I noticed is that TL2 was easier to play in that mode - because instead of staring at my character, but having to glance away to see health/mana and other things around the edges of the screen - I was seeing 'the whole game' at once.

I also started to play Darksiders 2 last night and my first reaction was that the camera felt clunky and it was hard to navigate the world. This is odd, because I'd tried it on the 360 (on the TV downstairs) and not noticed that. Of course I sit 10' from a 32" TV but rather closer to this 19" screen - again it made a HUGE difference (one which you adapt to - but it's there).

Another game which changes radically on differing screens is Beat Hazard. I just picked-it-up for Android (having already played it on 360, PC and iPad) and it really is remarkable how differently you play with those formats. I find it EASIER to play on Android (even on a lowly phone like a ZTE Blade which I'm astonished it even works on - WTG Starg!!) than I do on an iPad for some reason (e.g. smaller screen - you see more of what's going on!?)

This doesn't hold out between the PC and 360 versions tho - I find the PC version easier but that's probably down to BH's intense visuals and the need to pick-out those tiny missiles wending their way towards you... :)

Anyway - with all that I'm genuinely wondering if getting a bigger monitor isn't a silly idea and whether we're not "going big" for the sake-of-it. As a developer, I'd probably be better-off getting a new 19 and mounting the old one next-to-it (tho it will look 'yellow as hell' I guess).

Is this just my terrible eyesight tho (I have one 20/20 eye and one rather knackered one - but I was wearing specs!!) :)