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    One of those things.

    edit; all good now, my sincerest thanks Berzee for his awesomeness.

    Hope I'm not causing a disturbance by posting this here, but I have no options.

    My card got damaged and hardly works since

    Withdrew some cash, ordered new card from bank, got current one cancelled

    This happens:

    Evidence corroborating my story.
    I wasn't gonna post this one so as not to appear like a douchebag, but oh well too late.

    Could someone buy the pack for me? I will do two of these things in return on Monday or Tuesday when my shiny new card arrives, but one of those things must be the last one:
    - Buy you a game on Steam up to the value of $20 (This is, like, 100% profit, man)
    - Transfer $10 to you over PayPal
    - Send happy thoughts your way

    Bonus offer:
    You can keep Red Faction Armageddon if you want it, I already have that.
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