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Frankly, anyone discussing this or other bundles/games sales on the assumption of rational agents, is doing it wrong.
Anyone who approaches economics at all with the assumption of rational agents is doing it wrong. Sure, people try to make rational decisions. And we're pretty good at synthesizing data, so our attempts at rationality are set up for some nice foundations ... but we're awful at remember where that data comes from. Is it from the photograph Mom showed me, or from my episodic memory of the event itself? Was it because I actually shot the guy, or because the police psychologically abused me for hours on end until I couldn't even prove to myself that I didn't shoot the guy anymore? Was it because I was worried that stocks were going to fall because of current market trends, or was it because someone important said things on television and some of them were about economic projections that other people on television said might be bad maybe sort of?

Before we even get into the power of emotional response and emotional thought, rational thinking based on the type of memory that humans are best at is ... an unfortunate sort of rationality on which to rely.