After much consideration I've decided to buy a ready built PC rather than build my own. A quick search has revealed two which seem to fit my budget (no more than just over 1,000.00). I haven't owned a PC for about 3 years now and I last bought one about 8 years ago so I'm extremely behind the times in terms of specs. I'm looking for a good quality gaming PC that will last me a few years without needing much in the way of upgrades, having said that I'm not a fan of massively intensive FPS games and the like so don't need to be at the absolute cutting edge.

I am considering the following:

The former includes Win 8 which both intrigues and worries me, I'd appreciate any thoughts on that OS rather than the latter's Win 7. The latter seems to have quite the discount which brings it into my price range whereas it would otherwise be unaffordable for me.

I am of course open to any other suggestions although I'm really only looking to purchase a ready made unit from a high street retailer. I appreciate this may cost me a bit more but I do want to go to a shop and see it before I make my mind up!

Thanks in advance.