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Really looking forward to getting my squad beacon. I'm much better at bossing people about than shooting people.
That's good to hear, seeing as there is a distinct lack of people bossing other people around. I was the only one that was willing to take leadership today, and many people seem a bit shy regarding being in charge, which results in passivenes and a bit much democracy for this type of game.

I noticed that this evening as well, as we were a bit without direction. It would help if we had a set list of people with squad certs and that generally would like leading.

I like leading, but I prefer to be a squad leader rather then leader of the whole thing, as I'm not too strategically inclined. I like tactics in a smaller space (say a base) and can do that quite well, so I'd love to sign up for squad leader duty.

Can we get a list going with people certing for leadership and that are willing to lead, so these people could have some rank in-game so it's a bit easier to organize on the fly? Basically a rank for platoon leader and one for squad leader. With that it would be easy to tell if there's a leader type person online, and you have an organized group at any time.

I'd also like to propose some more organization on the mumble. Like squads are in squad rooms and there's ACL linked channels for platoon leader and squad leaders. Can get a bit messy when you're like two people in a lib trying to communicate and the entire platoon is shouting.