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    Post Planetside 2: Outfits, outings & other details

    Planetside 2 is an MMO-FPS of thousands of players, each chosing one of three empires, fighting over vast scales of conflict.
    Think the scale of EVE with the gameplay of Battlefield.

    It is also best played as part of a group. Given its scale, solo play can be a bit of a slog. The draw of Planetside 2 is its scale. Which also means that a context to your actions really helps. We can provide that context such as "watch me do a loop the loop in a Galaxy", "can you get a tank to help me dislodge my sunderer" and "RUN just RUN".

    We currently have three RPS outfits (two EU, one US). Each outfit runs regular evening outings each week, though simply jumping in at anytime and you'll likely find enough people playing to put together a squad (or 4).

    These outfits are not strict affairs, we welcome anyone except arsehats. No arsehats.

    Getting Planetside 2
    Planetside 2 can be downloaded from Steam

    People with an SOE account / were in the beta / are in the US should go to:

    EU players should go to:

    Joining an RPS outfit

    1. EU players: Create a Vanu Sovereignty and / or a New Conglomerate character on the Miller server (EU)
    2. US players: create a Vanu Sovereignty character on the Connery server (US-WEST)
    3. Jump in on Mumble and ask whoever is in the relevant Empire channel for an invite (Mumble details below)
    4. Join one of the regular nights

    Outfits & Outings

    Steam Group Here - For all outfits, join for event announcements

    There are currently two EU outfits. One for the Vanu (Purple Giraffes with Lasers! Also: hover tanks, rejects from some 80s disco supply warehouse) one for the New Conglomerate (FREEDOM! Also: massive tanks that crush anything, Bon Jovi loving trailer trash hicks).

    Many players have a character for each outfit.

    There's also a US Vanu outfit

    Two EU outfits:
    Rock, Planet, Shotgun [RPS]
    Vanu Sovereignty (empire description)

    Regular outings:
    Silly Mondays (8pm UTC)
    Squad-play Tuesdays (8pm UTC)
    Purple Wednesdays
    (8pm UTC)
    Strategic Giraffes (Thursdays) (7:30pm UTC)

    Rock, Traitor, Shotgun [RTRS]
    New Conglomerate (empire description)

    Regular outings:
    Freedom Fridays (7:30pm GMT)
    Sedate Saturdays (7:30pm GMT)

    And one US outfit:
    Rock, Paper, Scythe
    Vanu Sovereignty (empire description)

    • Server: Connery (US-West)

    Regular outing:
    Scythe Sundays

    For those of you whose allegiances are guided by a love for a colour scheme that owes a debt to Dennis the Menace, then PCGamer's UK outfit is with the Terran Republic, also on the Miller server. Details here:

    : The game now permits multiple characters per server.

    We usually use Mumble for voice chat on our regular outings. In-game voice chat is decent, but has a tendency to break & require a restart, and the levels can be off on occasion.

    You don't have to be on Mumble, and we don't expect everyone to have or use a mic, but at least listening in will give some context. You can always also use the in-game text chat.

    Details of the unofficial mumble server & how to join & setup are here
    (with many thanks to the lovely ARPS people.)

    Within Mumble there are three channels for Planetside 2:
    Barneys = Vanu Sovereignty
    Elmos = Terran Republic
    Smurfs = New Conglomerate

    New Players
    In all honesty, the "New Player Experience" is currently a bit crap. Planetside 2 is also not the most intuitive game; the hundreds of icons on your HUD, reading the continent maps, working out where to go & what to do are not always particualrly obvious.

    Your best bet if you are jumping in for the first time is to join one of the regular outings.

    Here, though, are some resources that might help:
    Planetside 2 Wiki:

    Video tutorials:
    TotalBiscuit's intro video

    Slightly out of date, but quick & basic intro to PS2

    Detailed intros:
    Empires & Classes
    Menus, Finding fights, Map & Resources
    Ground Vehicles
    Air Vehicles
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