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What is the appropriate thread for stickying? I think this thread definitely needs it!

I have just downloaded Planetside 2. I jumped in, and was confused!

Might there be people in RPS be able to take a complete newbie under their wing and tell me how to get to where the fight is?

Look forward to seeing some of you in-game....
Hi there!

I'm sure everyone will be happy to show you the ropes. If you're not in the outfit yet, hop into our mumble channel (the details are in a thread around here somewhere...) and ask for an invite.

Once you've done that, press "P" in game, choose to filter by outfit and find a squad/platoon that has something to do with Giraffes (all will become clear). You can then press insert and you will deploy near where we are fighting/being shot.

See you in game!