Episode 5: Possibly the most tense and upsetting hour and a bit of gaming outside of the suicide run on Mass Effect 2, and yes it's pretty short but golly gosh if it isn't one of the best hours of gaming this year too.

I actually feel exhausted and I'm still a little weepy fifteen minutes later.

So, how did it go for you guys?


There was no Ben so he didn't manage to get anyone else killed or jeopardize the life of anyone else further, but Kenny went and sacrificed himself for prego Christa like the total bro he is. That was when the tears started for me. I loved that dumb hick.

Who the fuck chopped their arm off? Figured I was gonna turn anyway and it would help me choke the fuck out of whoever had Clem and I didn't want her to seem me even more hurt.

And urrrgh the awful sick feeling in my stomach when I saw the station wagon, the station wagon. You know which one I mean. Lucky for me I'd taught Clem how to shoot.

Her little blood splattered face was utterly heart breaking at the end. I'm glad she had the brass to shoot Lee though. I actually feel really bad for him. Amazing how the game had you sympathising with convicted murderer. Oh well I hope he's hitting on Carly if Doug hasn't got their first up in heaven.

But yes it does seem like we're guaranteed another season from the inevitable post credits scene. I sincerely hope Telltale upgrade their engine slightly though for future instalments. Surely they have the money to do so after the success and acclaim the Walking Dead has enjoyed. Some real cell shading would be delicious along with some better animation. I may sound like a graphics whore but that's the only thing holding the game back in my opinion, the archaic tech. I'd love to see it in the new Unreal Engine or something similar that is also capable of providing audio that doesn't sound like it was recorded on a webcam. Keep it point and click though, I don't want an action game, just more BLEAK.