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    Well...that....was emotional. Christ....

    Kad feels very much likes he's been through the ringer over the last hour and a half.....thoughts below...

    I went with the lose the arm option and all the 'really? you sure?' pauses made me think that perhaps it wasn't the best idea after all, but I thought I'd be committed, plus there was the *faint* chance that it might of meant Lee would make it (although I wasn't under any illusions that things would remotely pay out).

    Fortunately under like a lot of you do gooders I didn't have Ben holding me back (he was walker food last episode), but I did (needlessly) lose Kenny when I dropped Clems Walkie Talkie into a hole and he had to dive in to save Christa who was trying to recover it. There was an option to say ignore it, and I'm kind of curious as to how that would of played out, though I doubt that impacts on the final sequence and invariably you still end up getting separated from the rest of them.

    I thought the face off was great with the mystery man, though I knew what to expect from the bowling bag. Wasn't sure what to make of his 'raise a family' comment (was he saying what I think he was saying?), but sure wish I had the other arm to choke the bastard faster.

    Kind of pissed at the save game bug issue in that I stopped Clem from eating the meat at the farm, but somehow he believed that she had (continuity error maybe?).

    I told Clem to stay high and look out for Christa & Ovid. The post credit scene had her wandering through a field and spotting two figures walking in the distance, but it wasn't clear whether it was them, though they clearly noticed Clem (which was kind of annoying).

    I was kind of hoping that Molly might re-appear in this episode as she seemed like an interesting character to take over from. Though I guess that would of been too much of a Deus ex machina moment (still would of been cool).

    Anyway. Frankly pretty damn outstanding job by Telltale. Bar a couple of dodgy action sequences in the third game (I suspect you know where I all mean) I can't really fault it as a game, especially in terms of the narrative drive. Really do hope that they sell enough copies so that a second season is viable because I honestly prefer it to either the comics or the TV series. Great voice acting all the way as well.

    I'm gonna miss Lee big time. I hope that dude gets some good job offers out of this as he has a great hero voice

    Replicants don't cry, however I did find my optic lubrication system malfunctioned a bit towards the end there.

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