Yes, I do realize that simply being "in Canada" does not actually make it easier to get together. Vancouver might as well be London as far as I'm concerned. BUT:

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... You too can set up an RPS social club in your town; you don’t need to wait for a mythical “they” to set one up for you. ... Why not make a half-arsed attempt at arranging an RPS meet-o-chat in your town? Sometimes, half an arse is all you need. The forum’s only a click away.
I mean, first, we need a census. Who's up for RPS North America? I can't be the only person from Ontario hanging around here. Or, what else isn't too far away... Americans of the Great Lakes persuasion? There's gotta be a few willing souls within a day's travel.

Then we'd need a location. Now me, I'd vote for Toronto as a decent site. That's a daytrip from anywhere in Ontario, and it's not out of the question for much of the surrounding US states either. But really this is more dependent on our centre of population.

Who's in?