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    Right, for simplicity sake I'm going to list all the leaders here, pick 1, 1 player per country.

    New England
    -25% Crosses needed for immigration

    John Adams Libertarian
    +25% Liberty Bells in all settlements Tolerant
    George Washington Disciplined
    -50% soldier equipment required
    New France
    Natives are more tolerant regarding territorial encroachment
    50% less time needed living among natives to learn a new skill

    Samuel de Champlain Enterprising
    +100% native conversion rate from Missions
    Louis de Buade de Frontenac Militaristic
    Free promotion of Grenadier I for Mounted and Gunpowder Units
    New Netherlands
    Market prices are less sensitive

    Adriaen van der Donck Charismatic
    +100% time between requests for tax increases
    Peter Stuyvesant Industrious
    +25% Hammers in all settlements
    New Spain
    +25% Strength in combat versus natives

    Simon Bolivar Determined
    +100% effect of Liberty Bells on Rebel Sentiment Conquistador
    Jose de San Martin Resourceful
    50% less XP needed for promotions
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