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Every time I launch fire fox a game or app has installed a toolbar in stealth. Chrome checks if I want this crap installed or not, generally speaking opera, chrome and firefox are all "alright", my favourite browser is opera mini, security concerns aside it turns mobiles that I'd shoot if they were horses into competent systems.

I just want to have a competitive browser market so they are forced to get better.
Opera Mini FTW. I use it on my dumbphone Nokia brick numbers stuff and it's amazing to read RPS while waiting on lines, or while I'm walking on the street. Brought new life to my commutes.

As for benchmarks, those are for specific condition, which I bet is a fresh install of everything. Being a AddOn junkie, Pale Moon (64 bits optimized version of Firefox for Windows) takes around 10s to turn on with dozens of addons, but then I have a better browser, customized to my liking. And yes, I use them all. Chrome is nice and all but I think it lacks the hackability of Firefox.
It's just a religion though, a less nerdy version of vi vs emacs.