635200: rodeoclown 4:1 ColOfNature
635197: rodeoclown 3:2 ColOfNature (rodeoclown wins by capturing zone)

So in game 635197 rodeoclown beat me by capturing the red zone in my starting corner - he was ahead on kills at the time, but if he hadn't been it could have led to an unusual situation. The game scores this type of win as if the capturing player had won by wiping out his opponent without losing any units himself, but I propose to score the match as if the winner had killed all his opponents units, but to allow the loser to have his kills as well. Therefor, for the time being rodeoclown's kill ratio in this game will be 4:2.

The other options are either to use the actual kills (3:2 in this case, but theoretically you could win but have a kill ratio <1, which doesn't seem right), or to follow the game (so in this case rodeoclown would win 4:0). I think my method strikes a reasonable balance, but as ever I'm willing to be persuaded to change my position.