A new off-licence opened dangerously nearby in Manchester, which has led to a collection of new beers. They lack a proper website but it's the Beermoth in the city centre. The two guys running it sure know their beer and I've already spent far too much there. Highlights so far are:

Cuvée van de Keizer Blauw
The bottle says Gouden Carolus Blauw, the website says something else, I don't really know. I've not had a beer quite like this before. The nearest are probably abbey ales but this is far better. It's very close to wine in most regards and it's absolutely fantastic.

Alaskan Smoked Porter
One part porter, three parts smoke. Smoked beers are a bit hit and miss for me but this is my favourite. Seriously smokey, with some more smoke piled on top. Apparently it ages very well but I don't know how I'd ever keep it that long.

Porters by Nogne O and To Ol (lacking the crazy characters) were both excellent. The latter is probably slightly better but I'd happily drink a few of both.