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    Planetside 2: Thoughts and feelings so far?

    I didn't participate in the beta, played maybe 6 hours so far (4 of which were with RPS).

    Couple of things:
    1) Respawn is way, WAY too fast. I haven't seen the timer increasing the more you die either(which happened in PS1, iirc). This makes death essentially meaningless in a tactical sense, which kind of ruins a lot of the fun in the game for me.
    2) Continents feel rather small, I also think it's a shame they got rid of the home continents idea (In PS1, each continent only had one warp gate to a faction E.G. Amerish was VS, if you were from a different faction you needed to hotdrop in and capture somewhere to spawn vehicles or else drive in from a linked warpgate from another continent, e.g. Hossin or Extinction).
    3) I seriously suck. I've always been an average fps player, but in PS2 i'm definitely below average. I couldn't kill a fly
    4) Graphics, sounds and atmosphere are amazing. My very first battle was a three way at night in a large base. Tracers, shockwaves, noise everywhere.
    5) Even though there's three continents, only one ever seems to be particularly active?
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