We will be using TSand vanilla combined operations (BAF expansion allows you to have better models but isn't essential), it doesn't need any more layers or complexity than a regular session. It is worth pointing out that just so there are no misunderstandings;

Support roles - there are not many, they will be doing very little and only when asked to by the Task Force. Their tasks will include transporting the squads, providing resupply, providing arty fire missions for the task force and on occasion the odd CAS mission. NOT flying around in an A-10 but taking off, executing a strike called by the infantry then returning to base for retasking.

For this reason you need to be confident landing cleanly at fairly low altitude as well as being familiar with weapon systems. I will have a couple of slots only free, I just want people to understand there is going to be a lot of waiting around for the support team.

I will also be needing volunteers for Alpha, Bravo and Charlie SLs.