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    Got smashed in my first game. This is one for all the play by email fans. Website. Purchases are through Humble Bundle Inc so updates show up in the spiffy all in one Humble account page. Music is pretty sweet. Beta needs more active players though ($5).

    Trailer is a year old. There's a new 'story' trailer but not sure how useful posting that would be.

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    This game is awesome. I've been playing it pretty religiously since the paid beta launched, and it's one of the most balanced games I've played since Chess. If you screw up, and you're not already cornered, which is also your fault, it's your fault for not doing a good risk assessment.

    That's the sign of a really good multiplayer game. It's not about how fast you shoot or how much damage you do. It's about being the most clever.

    I've a LOT of fun thinking up new strategies and watching them take people down.

    EDIT: It's so balanced, that if they start changing stuff, I might cry. It's that well-done.

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