I saw the RPS post for this game, and it looked rather interesting. So, I thought that I'd try to find out where it's sold and purchase the game.

Soon after I noticed a downside -- namely it seemed to be so that the only place to get it from was Amazon where the game was for around 32 whilst some American sites seemed to sell it for around $22 (or rather, put the base price there while being 'Out of Stock' or something like that). I didn't look much further than that, but I couldn't notice anything UK-based that was more reasonable priced (wrt the US prices).

So, I was wondering if any of you knew of good places to buy this (or really, any other boardgame -- they are rather expensive) that I might have overlooked ?

Regards for any responses.

[Also, anyone's who has played this -- really as fun as it looks?]