For some strange reason I'm enjoying FarCry3 much more than Dishonored. I'm usually a sucker for distinct art styles, crazy lore that's only teased at the fringes, and alternate objective completion. But, something in me is finding FC3 much more engrossing and immersive.

Maybe something in my brain can better enjoy "kill everything, how is up to you" than "do what you want, how is up to you". Trying to be non-lethal in Dishonored feels like I'm restricting myself of some fun and mechanics, but I do it because I want to be the good guy. I'm given plenty of good reasons to kill every last pirate bastard on these islands through the surprisingly well told mediocre story. The sneaky-stabby mechanics are very satisfying, and it feels natural when things go tits up to pull out the machinegun and fight for your life.

The full body awareness is pretty sweet too, I very much loved it in FC2. Though it's sad I don't pull out nearly as much rebarb out of my legs as I used to, damn syringes solving everything.