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    Rogue Penguins: a roguelite, physics-based side scrolling shooter by nerdook

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Sim, but most people who have heard of me know me as "nerdook" from Kongregate and other Flash gaming portals. I'm currently working on a larger project tentatively titled "Rogue Penguins", and wanted to share the details here.

    - Rogue-lite, procedurally generated, sidescrolling gameplay.
    - Every playthrough gives you points to unlock more stuff, but the game shouldn't be a grindfest!
    - All weapons are randomly generated and put together, with a general steampunk style.
    - Physics based engine (using Box2D)
    - Video accelerated graphics via Starling
    - Shoot your way across a series of different worlds, each with different birds, layouts, unique obstacles and bosses.

    I'm doing the artwork, coding AND design for the game (as I usually do with all my games!), so I'd like to know if the folks on RPS would be interested in playing something like this. If the feedback is good, I plan to have a distributable, playable demo out in a few months with a link to the full version, which will probably be priced under $5, with a long term goal of getting this onto Steam, eventually!

    Some screenshots and a youtube video from the alpha version:

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    I know there's never much activity on the Promotion threads, but I noticed that RPS readers have a penchant for puns (and I've participated in quite a few pun comment threads as well!)... so if you have any suggestions on Penguin/Bird puns, feel free to pitch in here. I'll be sure to find some way to add them into the game, with credits to the original poster from this forum thread. :P

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