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    Cool Fashion Contest - You Got the Look - Halloween Special

    Nights are drawing in, killer clowns are lurking in every corner, its that time of year again.

    Been a few months, so time for the next installment of RPS' fashion contest you got the look, from the people who brought you:

    Usual rules - one entry, one screenshot, post it below with a few words on your look, why you should win, or why halloween isnt as scary now as when you were a kid, dont enter a character you've entered before unless you changed their look

    3 prizes:

    Scariest Boy
    Scariest Girl
    Best Bah humbug I can't be bothered with this halloween lark but my character looks really cool anyhow

    I have 3 shiny Black Lion Tickets up for grabs (account bound so you'll have to tell me what you want with them), and the usual booby prizes of assorted crud if I can get a cheap gag out of it.

    Competition closes midnight GMT on 31st October

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    oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaawd.
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    This was mainly inspired by the personal story mission "Estate of Decay". Was going to make this my mesmer and had the name Risen Duchess saved for her but made a White Mantle instead.
    Basically a creepy undead noble that uses illusions to lure people into her Masquerade
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    This is my necro, Aahz, out on a murderous rampage in Divinity's Reach. Inspiration came somewhat from scary movies with a murderous scarecrow plus my other characters doing jumping puzzles (and obviously, video games like thief, etc). I believe the axe and plain clothes add to the axe murderer effect (not to mention help remain unseen) with the necro class and wings providing a demon/hellish look.

    Edit: I should probably that my asura is female ^^
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    Llavea, my sylvari Mesmer, is a teeny-tiny bit creepy in the right light so I finally decided she would be my Halloween fashion contestant!

    This is a character that has gone through many, many makeovers. This last one is kind of recent, sometime during the summer perhaps. I decided who should be my Chronomancer which ended up being this lady, and so I had to find a shield I liked for her. The dreamthistle one looks amazing so she has the sword, shield and staff from that set and I changed her look and armor to match it.

    Wraith Masque - The teal colour around the eyes doesn't really show on her so she pretty much only gets the spooky eyes from it.
    Zodiac Mantle - Yeah I bought the whole ugly armor for the shoulders.
    Heritage Greatcoat - A fav! The lines on the collar/shoulders/back look really good and it colours nicely.
    Profane Gloves - Another case of getting a set for only one piece. I really love these "gloves" that are basically just metal claws.
    Illustrious Breeches - Most leg pieces for light armor are either skimpy, extremely wide or plain. I actually made my ascended sets only for the look. This skirt is maybe a little busy but at least it is neither skimpy, boring or huge!
    Incarnate Shoes - Used mostly for how dyes appear on them but it isn't that visible in the shot. Oops! But you can sorta see how they fade from the green Enameled Perseverance at the top to the blue Enameled Sky at the feet.

    Dyes are White, Shadow Turquoise, Enameled Sky, Enameled Amenity and Enameled Perseverance.

    That may have become a bit longer than I thought. I'm not so good at "a few words". Ohwell! I hope you like her!

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    Churchella channeling his inner demon with some spooky food and Oni blade

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    Yay, fashion contest! Falsetto talking about it made me register a profile here so I could participate.

    This is Paedd. When they released this face I just had to try and make something out of it and it turned out to be the most cute, and at the same time creepy, asura I've made. And when his orange colours turned out to match the ambrite weapons perfectly I made him a scepter and dagger plus an outfit to match.

    Thought he would be well suited for anything halloween-y

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