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    Crusader Kings II: Liked it very much. Just waiting for a lot of free time to get back to this.

    Mass Effect 3: I guess this belongs here. Afterall, I did enjoye the game a lot. And the ending where Shepard and Anderson die calmly, and the citadel fails to fire, was good. It did end in that scene, right?

    The Walking Dead: Not much of a game but a thrilling experience. Fresh.

    Max Payne 3: The gameplay was awesome. I could handle the cutscenes once, they stopped my second playthrough though.

    Sleeping Dogs: This one was a sleeper hit for me. Did not expect anything of it but it was great fun. Also pretty, especially when it's raining.

    FTL: There is beauty in simplicity. This game does so many things right.

    Dishonored: I've just started playing this and aren't too far, but I can already consider it strong enough a release to be on this list. I like the art style though some things are too Combine imo.

    XCOM: A worthy reboot. Buggy as hell but pure awesome.

    Natural Selection 2: Haven't played this after it's release but I had so much fun in the beta already that I'm ashamed for not playing it right now.

    Far Cry 3: I wasn't even supposed to buy this one but after all the positive buzz I decided to. And my God, it's awesome. GOTY for me.
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    Not sure if I can find 10 games I've played that were released this year so this is more of a list of what I've played most over the past 12 months:

    Crusader Kings II - I love it. My GOTY for sure. I've been a Civ player for a long time but this is the first grand strategy game I've really got into.

    Civilization 5: Gods and Kings - Yeah, it's an expansion, and I only bought it recently, but it's got me back into Civ and away from CKII.

    Defender's Quest - I think this was released last year but I bought it in January and have put well over 100 hours into it this year. Everything about it is delightful - the gameplay, the characters, the writing, the artwork, the humour, the EULA... awesome game.

    Orcs Must Die 2 - I bought the original for less than £2 in this year's Steam Summer Sale and just had to get the sequel as soon as possible. I enjoy a good tower defence (see above) and this built on and extended everything in the original brilliantly.

    Botanicula - Prettiest game I've seen.

    Well that's a top 5. At the other end of the spectrum, Tropico 4: Modern Times was an expansion I was really looking forward to. However, the implementation of the modern buildings on a fixed timeline (and more annoyingly, the inability to build the older versions past the date when the new version unlocks) really ruined it for me. Post-1965, all restaurants must be shaped like boats, for example.

    As for Diablo 3, I was persuaded to buy it by my friends. I made it through the campaign on normal and was bored before the end of the first act replaying it on nightmare. I switched to a different class, got bored during the first act again and uninstalled. It's not often that I actually regret buying a game but that one...
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    Ok so before the Calendar gets out of hand...
    My made-in-2012-games-I-played-in-2012 list.

    Black Mesa - Ok its a mod. But its a brilliant, faithful endeavor that i have been waiting for a long...long.. long time. It didn't disappoint.

    Borderlands 2 - Its just so much fun! I love the world, the aesthetic, the wit, the character. Mechanically the game is a fantastic run and gun loot fest. Must be played Co-op though.

    Botanicula - This game singlehandly got me through a nasty cold this year. Beautiful sound and visual design, with a really tight concept. But what really gets me about Amanita games is how so much can be expressed with no dialogue what so ever.

    Dear Esther - Stunning game, so much atmosphere crammed into so little space. I'd like to see this move forward into more interactive territory. But as it stands Dear Esther is a cornerstone.

    Resonance - This took me a while to get into, but once i got past the frustrating mechanics (Wadjet please use something other than AGS) there was a brilliant sci-fi thriller underneath. Actually made me gasp out loud.

    Super Crossfire - BEST SPACE INVADER TRIBUTE WITH A SWITCH MECHANIC EVER! Soundtrack is awesome too.

    Thomas Was Alone - This has to be my game of the year. Everything just fits so well together, the design, mechanics and narrative all compliment each other perfectly to create something much larger than the sum of its parts. I still think about those little shapes now...

    Waking Mars - This was a surprise. A game that really made you feel n the cusp of discovery with each new area. Brilliant characterisation and very convincing background. There really wasn't enough of it.

    Ok thatís only 8 but Iím reserving 2 slots for games that might amazing me in the next month... Primordia will hopefully be one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanguineAngel View Post
    Endless Space This game should have happened a decade ago. It does so many things right and i am loving playing with it. My only complaint is that there does appear to be a lot of options in how to play and develop your empire but I suspect that there are only a couple that will lead to success.
    I'm really curious, now having seen this game crop up in a few lists. I rely on Three Moves Ahead for a lot of my strategy game recommendations, and heard them mention Endless Space there too, but it took a backseat to the time and praise foisted on Sins: Rebellion. Are these two games a comparable as they appear? And how do they fair in comparison?

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    Not very comparable.

    Sins is a real time strategy game, while ES is a turn based game -- that alone puts them in very different boxes, for me.

    Endless Space is a cool experience, but a poor strategy game because of the bad AI. If you just want to lead a space empire and gradually spread your color over the galaxy, it does so with wit and style. I liked the game a lot. You can easily get a dozen+ hours of entertainment from it as you learn the systems and explore the game. But it doesn't have legs, because it simply doesn't provide the challenge a strategy game needs to be to be worth the time for me.

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