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    [VS] Rock, Planet, Shotgun: Outfit discussion & organisation

    Message to new / prospective members who have found their way here:

    Welcome. This thread is full of all sorts of information such as why we wear giraffe camo and why our leaders are called Balloons. It's a good place to post questions about the outfit, but you would be mad to try and read it all!

    If you want to know how to join us, check out this:

    For an idea of what we are about, check out our manifesto:

    For much more info, head to the outfit guide:

    In general, most of the info about the outfit can be found on our website at

    If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

    The best way to find out what we are about and what Planetside 2 offers is to just hop in and play with us. We will always welcome new people, and they can join in whenever. For details on how to setup Planetside 2 and MUmble communications, check out the stickied posts in these forums.

    Rock, Planet, Shotgun

    [RPS] Is huge. Really huge. When I first started this thread we had grown to over 200 players in total and I thought we would need somewhere to properly discuss the outfit. We now have over 250 people active in the last week and over 800 total members.

    This thread initially served as a catch all for all aspects of outfit organisation and discussion. We're too big to have just one thread for that, as can be seen by the numerous threads for specific issues that have become more common.

    To that end, I have started a thread for "Purple Giraffes of Awesome" and will copy posts with existing awards there. I have also started a thread for outfit promotions and ranks, though I will keep old suggestions here.

    This thread remains a place to discuss any goings on in the outfit in general. We still have a lot to talk about with those small issues removed from here. Feel free to start new threads for what seem to be bigger issues that need dedicated space, but most
    discussion can take place here.

    Call to arms post below. Original post below that.


    If you have come here from the RPS front page post, welcome.

    You need to know one thing: Rock Planet Shotgun was created with one sole purpose. To provide a fun a friendly place for readers of Rock Paper Shotgun to play Planetside 2.

    We have over 700 members, of which 130 are regular (log in at least once a week) and usually get about 40 people playing on every night of the week. If tomorrow is anything like last time, expect over 100 RPS players this Thursday "Call to Arms"!

    We are also closely engaged with other outfits and so not only will you be playing alongside dozens of RPS readers you will be playing in coordination with hundreds of other players. This is the uniqueness of Planetside 2. Little else gets anywhere near this scale.

    That being said, you shouldn't feel like a tiny cog in a big machine playing with us. For the Call To Arms event we will be playing in groups of 12. We work tactically, but do not expect the kind of mock-military nonsense you might find elsewhere.

    We manage to strike a balance between being relaxed and friendly yet make an impact strategically and tactically. I don't know how we manage this and I try not to think about it too much just in case.. In any event we have fostered a playign environment I think we can rightly be proud of, and we're very happy to welcome you.

    We have one rule. Be excellent to one another.

    We are open to all skill levels. Please do not worry if you have never played PS2 or even an FPS before. We will have people on hand specifically to get people into and understanding the game.

    How to play with us in 3 steps

    1. Download Planetside 2 & Create a Character

    The download is not insignificant. Get in running in advance of Thursday night if possible

    For EU players go to:
    www.planetside2.euIt is advised that you do not download via Steam. There have been issues with the Steam version of the game with EU accounts in the past and it is not clear if these have been resolved

    For Players with an existing SOE account:
    If you know you have an SOE account, go
    downlaod from Steam

    Create a character for the Vanu Sovereignty empire on the Miller server.
    (You may have to select "show all servers" in character creation.)

    If you want to play the New Conglomerate faction, then our sister outfit Rock, Traitor, Shotgun should be happy to accommodate you. They play on the same server.

    2. Download Mumble & Join our channels
    All the details can be found in this thread:

    3. Login with your character and ask for an invite to our outfit & platoon
    And you will be good to go.

    Some basics of play can be found here:

    But you will be talked through everything that happens by people dedicated to explaining things to new players.

    Original post:

    It is no secret that Planetside 2 is not the easiest and intuitive game to pick up. If you have played before but bounced off, please do try playing with us, it might make all the difference.

    Ok, so, the Rock, Planet, Shotgun outfit is larger than I ever reasonably expected. Like, huge. Massive. Bloody absurd if you ask me. I thought there might be a couple of dozen of us bundling about shooting lasers, not over 200...

    I fully expect turnouts to drop as the weeks go by and people realise PS2 is 'not for them', but it's no insubstantial base we've started with.

    So, apart from needing somewhere to discuss & organise the outfit, a few questions:

    1) Any preference towards bothering-or-not with outfit ranks?
    Anarchist leanings push me towards having absolutely everyone as 'member'. As little hierarchy as possible.

    I also realise that sometimes people like / deserve recognition for work being put in with fancy little stacked Vs. There's a bunch of you purple peeps putting in the effort (thanks!) and creating some excellent squad / platoon / general friendliness experiences. Is outfit ranking the best way to go about recognising this? (see also; below!)

    2) More organised outings?
    Wednesdays seem to have got brilliantly shambolic. This is a good thing. Loud, chatty, messy laser shoots are excellent.

    That being said, some people have expressed a desire for something a bit more coordinated. Also; I spent 100 certs in that bloody command chat, I might as well do something with it.
    So: Any desire to arrange some kind of "let's shoot lasers with a bit more attention to where we aim them" get together? If so, when? Regular? Ad hoc?


    Announcing the Purple Giraffe of Awesome Awards

    Because people / we are awesome. Sometimes it's nice to recognise this.

    Also, if you think about it, a giraffes silhouette is a bit like a thumbs-up. Which is a traditional way of indicating an appreciation of someone's awesome. Expect better. Because it's a purple giraffe. Obv.

    Awarded for actions deemed awesome. Can be anything from leading vast platoons to neon drenched glory to being a particularly amusing drunk. Or just an outstandingly decent person. We like those.

    Anyone can award this to anyone else in the outfit for any reason they like.

    Directons: Google image search "purple giraffe". Choose one. Post it here with the intended recipient and why they are awesome.
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