The thing is, it's the organisation and basic chat discipline that makes the fights good, and the chatter that makes the fights being good so enjoyable. There's got to be some kind of balance.
For instance, the insane infantry charge yesterday across that open ground after we'd defended the checkpoint as a lot better because we could talk in the chat about how it was like the first world war, and how they had tanks and we were all going to die.

I'd like to see things pretty much continue as they are (although I have no problem rewarding the people who tend to step up and lead with ranks, to recognise their contributions), but with slightly less chat when it's busy.
However I think it should be possible to arrange some sort of "Delta Squad" for people who want to talk a lot and just sort of generally head for the platoon waypoint. They're still going to contribute, even if they just turn up at the pointer and then shoot at the baddies.