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SpecGiraffes can easily be >12. There's also the platoon 2 chanel.

Squads in game mean nothing apart from squad beacons. They are a useful format for stratgir nights, but outside of stratgir there is no need to have channels and squads match.

The easiest solution is for those who want a quiet channel to move themselves to SpecGiraffes or Platoon 2, setup someone in the PL channel there as well as the Platoon 1 PL channel. It doesn't require any shuffling about of people within the platoon into this or that squad.

As long as the two people in the leader channels are communicating, those who want something quieter can just move channel.

I don't get why that's so difficult?
Ah you already said this... I just posted something similar on another thread. It's obvious though right?